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Studies Show that CBDa and CBGa Block Covid-19 from Entering Human Cells

Who needs some good news??!!??

Just when year 2 of a global pandemic has started we finally have some amazing news about recent studies on specific cannabinoids blocking COVID-19 from entering human cells. News like this brings so much joy to us at CANVAS and makes us remember why we love the hemp plant so much!!


The headlines are everywhere in the news and it probably isn’t going to stop. For quite awhile it has been known that CBD in general helps to lower the risk of infection. The University of Chicago did a study on it and you can find the information here or read the most recent Share Hemp Blog that goes over some of the details of the study.

But today we have even more specific information on which cannabinoids are doing the heavy lifting to prevent the virus from entering human cells. CBDa and CBGa! At CANVAS, we are thrilled because we have stocked CBDa for a few years now and because of its known benefits that include:

  • Fights Fatique

  • Can imporve ADHD and cognition

  • Anti-dressant

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • May inhibit the growth of cancerous cells.


You can also make your own CBDA/CBGA tea by purchasing organic flower at CANVAS and simply making a pot of tea! The organic hemp flower at CANVAS has not be decarboxylated, which means that the cannabinoids are still in their raw form and when extracted through a gentle tea making process the retain the A, or acidic raw form. The heat from smoking flower naturally decarboxylates the cannabinoids. It can also be done by placing the flower in the oven at a low temp for a few hours. However, simply using organic dried flower to make a tea will produce the a potent CBDA/CBGA tea. If you are under the weather and plan on sipping tea and broth throughout the day I suggest making a strong CBDA/CBGA pot of tea, and use this to top off your cup of feel good teas and broths throughout the day so that so that the cannabinoids are in your system all day long. And of course drink more depending on how you feel. We also have a Wild Rose Respiratory tea at CANVAS that you can mix with your flower if your lungs feel compromised at all.

What a wonderfully simple solution for these challenging times brought to us by our favorite hemp plant!

To read the recent study published in the Journal of Natural Products visit our research references at the bottom of this page or click here