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Just like Multi-Vitamins, NuLeaf made a Multi-Cannabinoid, made with a

balanced ratio of minor cannabinoids!!

NuLeafs multi-cannabinoid is a formula designed to elevate your health and wellbeing. This blend contains several key cannabinoids, in a balanced profile to supercharge and support your Endocannabinoid System as a whole.

How is NuLeaf Multi-Cannabinoid different than their original CBD product?

NuLeaf’s Original CBD line is Full Spectrum with 30 MGS per serving, coming mostly from CBD. The new Multi-cannabinoid, also has 30 MGS per serving but is is consciously made with equal ratios , 7.5 MGS of CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN.

Who would benefit from using the Multi-Cannabinoid?

If you find yourself taking specific cannabinoids through out the day/night, the Multi could be a great solution for you since it’s an all in one product. Containing multiple cannabinoids in one bottle/capsule, it’s able to give you the steady balance of the necessary cannabinoids with out purchasing them individually. A full body support using the most beneficial cannabinoids for you and your loved ones.

Can I still keep using a full spectrum CBD product and add on the Multi-Cannabinoid to my routine?

You can still use your full spectrum CBD or any other specific cannabinoid product at the same time. If you are getting positive results, and feel you have found a great fit for your body, you may want to continue using one specific cannabinoid. For additional support, you can try layering the Multi Cannabinoid product to your routine, or try one of NuLeaf’s single Minor Cannabinoids to your routine safely (CBN, CBC, or CBG). It is good to know however, when adding the Multi Cannabinoid, or any specific Minor Cannabinoid to your routine, you may not need as much, since you are getting the benefits from the multi use cannabinoid at the same time. When starting out, it is good to start slow, as your dose may vary.

What are people saying who are using the Multi-Cannabinoid?

Customers are leaving reviews stating they:
“love these capsules as there is no aftertaste! And since having started this past month am already reaping better benefits. I have even felt calmer less stiff these past weeks.”
“I have added this Multi Cannabinoid to another product I was using and the combo has been the trick to lessening my anxiety and easing my joints. I will be a customer for life.”
“First thing is all (the NuLeaf) products are amazingly effective. I only take one Multi Cannabinoid capsule but feel good knowing I can take more if needed down the road of life.”